Who Uses Which Social Media Platforms?

The old way of thinking about customers from traditional social media are still felt in online marketing. The best traditional marketers could do was use straight demographics like to age, gender, income, and geographical location to target their potential customers. However, the Internet has allowed marketers the ability to dig deeper into more meaningful characteristics like musical tastes, dietary choices, and fandoms. This could be narrowed down to sending an email about what your customer just searched for on your website (I’m looking at you Amazon).

Since marketers can more effectively target numerous characteristics precisely, customers now expect advertising to be specifically targeted towards them. It’s now easier and cheaper than ever to market at customers. As a result, customers have learned to ignore ads that are irrelevant to them. For example, if you are already a native-English speaker, why would you spare your attention on a course that teaches English? You wouldn’t. 

To create hyper-targeted messages, you have to understand your target market extremely well. Successful businesses see from the customer’s point of view and identifies what the person really cares about. These are his or her passions and fears. How does your business either amplifies their passions or solve their fears? Think about your last few large purchases. What motivated you to buy those things? A car is supposed to get a person from A to B, but does a Ferrari owner have the same logistical needs of a minivan owner? The Ferrari owner wants something more like a status symbol or a rush of driving over 100 miles-per-hour.

To create a successful business, you first need to create a detailed description of your ideal customer. This still includes asking questions about their demographics like age, education, and geographical location. Yet, you need to also investigate their passions, fears, and beliefs. Where does this person spend his or her time online? What blogs does this person read? What Facebook groups is this person a member of? Are they a part of an online community of other like-minded ideal customers? Are they a part of more than just one online community? The social media platforms where your ideal customer’s communities are answer the question of which social media platforms your business should be on. This research might take some time upfront to complete, but it will pay dividends in the long run as your marketing will become more effective, and it can lead you to pots of gold.

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